Screening & Eze-Breeze Window Systems

InsideOut Construction, Inc. installs the "Screen Tight" system on all of our screen
porches.  Most construction companies staple their screen to the walls and cover
them with a 1x4 wooden strip to hide the staples. This method leaves undesirable
staple pull marks and makes the screen virtually unrepairable if (and when, in this
case) it becomes loose.

Using the "Screen Tight" system involves installing a vinyl base on the exterior
walls of the screen room. This base has spline tracks integrated into its design
which enables you to easily replace a section of the screen if it happens to be
torn, and even allows you to tighten it (without replacing it) should it become loose
over time. After the screen is installed, a color keyed vinyl cap is snapped into
place to conceal all edges

We also have as an option, aluminum framed - individual screen panels
available, custom built for an exact fit to your screen openings. These aluminum
panels are easily removed if needed.
Screen Tight
Aluminum Framed Inserts
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Eze-Breeze Windows
Eze-Breeze® Sliding Panels are uniquely designed and custom-sized to fit
existing openings without expensive re-framing making it easy to enclose your
outdoor spaces.  Versatile, rugged and attractive, they're also a snap to
operate.  Open, they let in the breeze while screening out insects and debris.  
Closed, they provide protection from rain, snow, wind, that nasty spring pollen
and even summer sun. (Tinted versions are available)
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