InsideOut Construction, Inc. not only offers the highest quality in craftsmanship, but in
painting as well. Most construction companies do not include painting as an option. They
are content to have someone else do the painting for them.

At InsideOut Construction, Inc., we do all our painting ourselves. In our screen porches the
walls, railings and headers are all painted to match the trim of your home. Every seam is
sanded, primed and caulked before a high quality paint is applied. Attention to detail is of
the utmost importance in every step of construction.

Note: Recently (January 1, 2004) a new law was passed that does not allow pressure
treating wood with chemicals containing arsenic. The new chemical being used sometimes
causes a green residue to form on freshly treated lumber after it has been painted. It only
happens on approximately 10% of the porches we have painted. All the major brand paint
manufactures are aware of the problem and they are doing everything they can to remedy
it. The only option for us to remedy the problem is to let the paint cure for 30-60 days, then
return and touch up the effected areas. We will do this for our clients one time, free of
charge. This has been the only action that seems to eliminate the residue completely and
has worked in every instance. It is unfortunate that the problem exists, but it is just
something that we (the consumer) must deal with until a remedy is created by the paint
manufactures. This problem is the reason many OTHER construction companies will not
paint your deck or screen porch for you... they do not want to deal with the problem and will
be happy to pass the problem onto you without revealing the issue. InsideOut Construction,
Inc. wants you to be informed about the issue and is willing to take care of it for you,
instead of simply passing it on for you to deal with later.
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